The Beauty of Slow

IMG_6003I am always in a hurry.  I am almost always running late, or worried about upsetting people if I am late for something. I am pretty much constantly feeling behind and therefore rushed.

I work several part time jobs, and homeschool 4 kids.  We have many pets and live next door to my mum who sometimes needs a bit of help with things.  We are busy and on the go.  And I am mega disorganized.  It’s not a good combo.  Our family has taken the “Orange Rhino Pledge” (unfamiliar with it? Check it out – no yelling, more loving! ) and there is a picture of an orange rhino in our mudroom, because this is the room where the fact that I am always running late and disorganized really comes to light – “where are the shoes? Where are my keys? why aren’t you dressed yet???? We are going to be laaaaaaate!!!” My hope is that the orange rhino might remind me that even if I am stressed and truly late, I don’t need to yell or turn into the Hulk.  I don’t like me when I am angry.

I hope that I can indeed master the orange rhino, but I hope more that I learn to accept where we are at each moment.  I don’t want to be always worried about where we are supposed to be, but just breathe in and know where we are now.  I am working on practicing mindfulness, working on paying attention to the present and working on remembering the joy of life.

Children, especially little ones, really get this.  There is no hurry.  There is no late.  There is no worry, not about yesterday, not about tomorrow.  There is right now.  And it is beautiful.

This morning, after lamenting about my to do list, I had to walk back into the house from our pool.  My 2-year-old wanted to go with me.  I have taken on some extra temporary work and it has turned my children into magnets.  She told me she was “the walking police”.   She walked backwards, in front of me, the whole way.  Hands up, telling me when I could walk and when I should stop.  It was a long slow amazing process.  She was happy.  I did not feel rushed.  We heard the birds.  We smiled. We lived, in the present moment.  She did not fear falling over even though she was backwards the whole way.  She went slowly and happily.  And I was so blessed by the moments, by not hurrying.

Children have so much to teach us.  Their wisdom is such a gift.  As I continue my journey to become more present in each moment I will think of the backwards “walking police” who took me on a slow beautiful journey through my own wondrous front yard.

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  1. Joyce says:

    Love you, Karin. We could all learn from the “walking police”. I also wanted to say that every time I see Ivy, she takes my hand and is so sweet and gentle. Alternative parenting isn’t for everyone, but you excel – don’t forget that.

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